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Jtec489 10kA MCB

Jtec489 10kA MCB
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Jtec489 10kA MCB Jtec489 10kA MCB Jtec489 10kA MCB Jtec489 10kA MCB


• 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker
• UL 489 Listed (File E255530)
• Current ratings from 0.2 to 63A
• Trip Curves Z, B, C, K, or D
• Voltage Rating 480Y/277 Vac
• DC version available for higher DC voltages (2 pole up to 250 Vdc)


Jtec489 is UL Listed as a branch circuit breaker and is therefore able to be used to protect a branch circuit without a backup device. Many applications and other UL standards insist upon the use of a branch circuit breaker (as opposed to a supplementary protector). If you fit the Jtec489 you're covered.

Please download the PDF below for more information.

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