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T16 Thermal Breaker

T16 Thermal Breaker
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T16 Thermal Breaker T16 Thermal Breaker


• Push to reset thermal breaker
• Current ratings from 3 to 45A
• CE, UL and VDE (upto 16A) certified
• Optional dust cap available


The Techna 16 series ‘push to reset’ single pole circuit breaker is based on a proven snap-acting bi-metallic thermal sensing element system.

T16 series circuit breakers accurately sense overload conditions and interrupt the flow of current. The resettable actuator mechanism then remains disengaged until manually reset. This trusted family of circuit breakers uses proven technology and does so at a very economical price.

The T16 series offers current ratings from 3A to 45A, and is suitable for a diverse range of applications. Our products are carefully calibrated and tested to ensure reliable performance under a variety of operating conditions.

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